Monday, October 27, 2008

Special occasions...

We have a lot of interesting conversations with the boys while we are driving places.
A while back we were on our way somewhere and we were talking about my Grandma and I told them the story about how I had felt like my Grandmother was there at my wedding. (She died when I was 14). I really love my Grandma and when I married D I felt like she was standing behind me and like I could feel her hand resting on my shoulder.
#3 was pretty interested in this story and was asking about it, and he wanted to know why Heavenly Father would make it okay for my Grandma to be there at my wedding. I told him that it was probably because it was a special occasion.
He thought about it for a while and then said, "Heavenly Father is a lot like Dad. He doesn't do special occasions very often."

Sunday, October 05, 2008

They Really Do Listen!

This weekend we hooked up the computer to the TV/Stereo and watched, via the Internet, the World-wide General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Adults soak up the five spiritual, inspiring two-hour sessions of listening to the President of the Church, other living Apostles, and other Church leaders (and listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir). However, for young kids its like sitting in church for two days watching older people stand in front of a microphone talking about 'boring' things all day long.

Although they will eventually learn to treasure this twice-per-year event for the spirit that is felt, for now we are hoping the kids will at least recognize the good feelings they get when the leaders of Jesus Christ's restored church speak.

I was pleasantly surprised when my middle son gave hints that he was actually listening more closely than I would ever have imagined:

T noticed the speakers said the word 'quote' frequently and started getting annoyed. Said, T, quote, "Why do they keep saying 'quote'?", end quote. In another session, he caught the phrase, "... said, quote, ....." and responded, "is 'quote' some one's name?!" I explained to him they say "quote" to show they are repeating the words that someone else said. Later, out of the blue he said, "The thing I didn't like about conference is they said, 'quote,' a lot."

In one session the speaker was talking about teaching, the role of the volunteers called (asked) to be teachers in the various congregations of the church, and the training resources available to them. T at least caught the topic enough to correct the speaker. The speaker said, "What are some of the principles of teaching and learning that we might identify...." T corrected him..."its principals, not principles."

I guess they really do listen even though all other indicators suggest otherwise!