Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun House in the Bathroom

That title probably stimulates the imagination more than intended considering that the purpose of this blog is to document behaviour of young boys who give characters like Calvin (and Hobbs) and Dennis (the Menace) a run for their money.

At church yesterday, I walked into the bathroom and saw two boys standing side by side, each in front of a flush valve looking straight in front of them with careful concentration making funny noises and occasionally bouncing up and down with excitement. I wasn't surprised to find out they were both mine, T (age 9) and C (age 6).

They were focused so carefully, they didn't even notice me standing behind them watching them making faces at the silver flush valves. They were quite content watching their faces distort in the curved reflective surface.

It was a relief seeing them so innocently entertained. And, even now, I think, too, its pretty funny to see my distorted face in curved reflective metal. It's timeless entertainment!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Croaking Frogs

As we started walking home from playing baseball on the school playground, we heard frogs singing in the ditch that runs along the side of the gravel road leading home. My wife commented to our youngest son to listen to the frogs croaking.

J, age 12, responded: "If the frog 'croaked' once, how can it keep croaking over and over again?"