Friday, April 24, 2009

Girl Shows

I was reviewing some work-related stuff on the computer at home. My seven-year-old son was on the other computer next to me doing his 'computer time.' Without venturing a glance away from his game, he said, "Dad, we had to watch a girl's show at school today."

"What?" I asked after realizing he was talking to me.

"We watched Cinderella at school today," he clarified. He maintained his stare at his computer screen with fingers flapping over the keyboard.


"We're studying fairy tales in school"

"Oh. Did you like it?"

Without breaking concentration on his video game, he exclaimed, "Nooooeeew! It's a girl's show, what do you expect?!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who is really in charge here...

Baby B and I are going on a little getaway this weekend and leaving D and the boys at home. Last night at dinner #4 piped up and asked me, "Will Daddy get to make the rules while you are gone?"
Apparently everyone around here thinks I am the boss!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Happy Birthday T!

Nine years ago today #3 aka T was born. He was a sweet, curly haired baby. (And boy did he have a LOT of hair...this pic was at about a month old.)

One of T's favorite things is playing at the beach. Sand and water are close friends for him. I have often wondered if he loves water so much in part because we had a water birth with him. Three of our six children were water births, but he was the first one.

#3 has a sweet smile, and a tender soul. He loves to be hugged.

He also likes to be a tough guy.

Science and nature fascinate him and he loves to share his discoveries.

#3 also has high functioning Autism. Some people in his life dwell on the negatives of this, but we are trying to focus on the positives. T is a sweet and wonderful boy, with much to offer and unlimited potential.

Happy 9th Birthday #3. We LOVE you!