Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Examples of selflessness...

Today was my birthday. During our dinner conversation, D asked the boys what they would get me for my birthday if they could get ANYTHING they wanted to. I found their answers to be interesting, and somewhat revealing.
#1 said a new car.
#2 couldn't decide...and later decided on a new TV
#3 said a generator (which would enable them all to watch TV and play video games in the event of one of our frequent power outages here on the coast.)
#4 said a Harry Potter book (even though I already have all of them), then when he found out I have them all he said a Harry Potter CD (meaning the books on CD).
#5 said he would buy me a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD.

All in all it was a good birthday. I have realized how blessed I am to have all that I do have. While there are always things that would be useful, we are blessed to have all of our basic needs and many luxuries. Our house isn't the nicest house, but it keeps us safe and dry. What more could I ask for? I have five healthy boys and a baby on the way and the pregnancy is going well. My husband is wonderful, supportive and kind. He loves me and tells me I am beautiful regularly, even when I feel less than pretty. Truly, I am blessed.

Monday, April 21, 2008

They grow up too fast...

That was the thought that went through my head on friday when I picked up #3 from school. #2 was on a field trip, and so I picked up #3 since he had no one to walk home with him. On the way to the car he slipped his hand in mine, and instead of a tiny kid hand I realized that there was a big kid hand in mine. How long before he doesn't want to hold my hand at all? I had better enjoy holding his hand while I can.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy Birthday #3!

#3 was born with a lot of hair...

He has always enjoyed water, dirt and any combination of the two...

I can hardly believe he is already 8 years old!

Happy BIRTHDAY #3!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Conversations about growing up...

Tonight as we sat around the table eating our strawberry shortcake for dessert, #2 brought up the topic of growing up. He stated that sometimes he wishes he could be a kid forever, and sometimes he wishes he could be a grown up now. His reasoning for wanting to stay a kid involved that its more fun to not be smart. In his words..."You know how I'm really smart? I have more fun when I act like I'm not smart." This has led him to believe that being dumb is more fun than being smart...
#3 piped up and said, "The number one reason I want to be a grown up is because then I can do whatever I want...except at work, and number two grown ups don't get throw up sick as often as kids do."
Then #4 and I had the following conversation...
#4: I want to be a grown up so I can play the Wii whenever I want to.
Me: That's assuming you get a job and buy a Wii of your own.
#4 (with big, innocent eyes): But I'm going to live here for a while after I grow up!
What a smart kid...planning to grow up and mooch off of Mommy forever so he doesn't have to act like a grown up. Of course #2 told him he won't feel like he wants to live here once he is a teenager.

Through all of these conversations D was just shaking his head and mentioning how hard it is being a grown up. D spends the most time of all of us doing things he has to do for work, for church or for other things, and he plays the Wii less than any of us because he is always so busy being a grown up.